International Preparatory Classes (IVK)

Our international preparatory classes (IVK) are intended for pupils from abroad whose language skills preclude them from attending a regular class. In the IVK, the children learn German and are prepared for attending a regular class. The lessons in the IVK are designed in such a way that the children learn the German language quickly and can find their way around in the new environment. This is done in a playful environment and the pupils are prepared for attending a regular class.

The timetable of an IVK in Hamburg is as follows:

      • 15 hours German
      • 4 hours of mathematics
      • 2 hours of general education
      • 2 hours of English
      • 2 hours of sport

At the end of the year in the IVK, the children transfer to a regular class, which does not necessarily have to be at our school. The transition usually takes place after 365 days. We have set up two IVKs at our school: One IVK is for Years 1 and 2 and another for Years 3 and 4.

We welcome all students and look forward to accompanying them on their journey.